Adoption Club FAQs

If you have any questions about your adoption, please see our frequently asked questions below. Alternatively, contact us - we're happy to help!


When will I receive my Nosebag adoption?

Please allow 21 days for delivery of the Standard Nosebag adoption and up to two weeks for activation of the Online Nosebag adoption.

How do I renew my adoption?

To renew your existing adoption, simply find your horse, pony or donkey you currently adopt on our Adoption Stars page. Here you'll also have the opportunity to change your adoption from postal to online if you wish. Alternatively, visit our adoption renewals page for more information.

How does the online adoption work?

Our online adoption is a great way to interact with your Adoption Star horse, pony or donkey from the comfort of your home! Each Adoption Star has their own blog so you can get news straight from the horse's mouth, plus exclusive videos, and photos and screen savers that you can download and keep. You can even play a special game where you help us take care of them and earn some rosettes too! All we need is an email address to help you get started.